Lightning in a stormy sky and a bull when it starts in the middle of the plaza are very similar forces. Ana Miralles, has captured the analogy and his pictorial work sets aside the exaltation of joy and the color of the fiesta to express the essence of the intimate relationship between the energy that is manifest with maximum power and the annihilation of death that has to arrive in an inevitable manner.

The tragedy is there, but in a positive sense because the animal condemned to death fights with lively intensity and becomes master of the scene. This is the reason why in Ana Miralles' taurine the theme, there is no anecdote that distracts or misleads as the cloak and the "muleta" do with the bull, but it is the bull that out of the darkness of the fate that awaits it, takes out his own light justifying it, as never resigning to be used. In this sense we could say that its plastic equals a metaphor of how we should act as human beings, when facing extreme situations with no way out, we must maintain our own identity because, unlike the Bull which is rarely pardoned, we will survive via intelligent stubbornness.

I am personally opposed to all forms of violence and reject the bullfighting fiesta for what they have of organized and hierarchical cruelty. But I think that Ana Miralles taurine paintings go far beyond the anecdote, set the category of a general thought and among humans in particular. Her vision is wide and at the same time sharp, served with plastic effectiveness by the successful simplification of resources and the excellent planning of the elements that she places at the service of the idea.

Ana Miralles is just beginning to be known as a painter, but she has plenty of experiences and her personality is in the best period of vital fullness, the maturity which is the result of having gone through various situations as a person. For this reason her taurine painting, restrained and full, responds to the laws of plastic rather than to the subject.

Josep M. Cadena, Art critic