This is the first reflection one experiences upon the contemplation of Ana Miralles work. I presented Ana Miralles in two previous exhibitions and it is an honor to participate, for a third consecutive time, in the joyous adventure of exhibiting her work, born both from an observation and introspection experience. And it is a very special pleasure because I see in these paintings, often born from the night's obscurity through which human thoughts flow, the light of the vital balance reached via spiritual serenity.

I believe that both those who have followed Ana Miralles work for some time and those who discover it today, will agree with me in a first starting point: the sea, the seas she creates are never an image of a shipwreck but of revival. These are seas coming from a combination of intimate transformations in the subconscious which she has dared to visit, and so they emerge with internal harmony and with a decided will of understanding within the environment. There is in every single work and in the whole exhibition the will of sharing, the connection with the shore welcoming the waves and the safety of the journey. The obscure woods and forests she presented, for example, in 2004 exhibition, have transformed into open and free seas, subject only to its own action of energy transformation and to the service of the other.

Ana Miralles creative language, in the period we can study and enjoy today has developed in an extraordinary manner. This is a wealth Ana Miralles shares with us, the audience of her work, as the result of the communicative action of her creative thought. She lets us interpret her work and while she explains it with beautiful sincerity, she gives us strength so that each one of us can discover himself in her paintings. The sea is restless as it is the human existence, however, if we learn and understand its changes, we will certainly reach the harbor of the duties duly accomplished. Josep M. Cadena. Art critic.