The painter Ana Miralles from Barcelona has earned the painting prize Ricard Camí, convened and organised by Caixa Terrassa's Obra Social. The award ceremony to present the prizes has been held in Caixa Terrassa's Cultural Center. The winning painting "sense títol, sèrie 5 núm 7" (untitled, series 5 number 7), is an abstract, oil on canvas painting, measuring 130 by 130 cm.

It should be highlighted that, apart from the winning painting, the jury has also selected, based on its quality, the other work submitted by Miralles to the contest: "sense títol, sèrie 4 núm. 20" (untitled, series 4 number 20), an oil on canvas measuring 130 by 130 cm, with a style situated between figuration and abstraction.

Ana Miralles was born in Barcelona in 1946 and has her residence in the town of Alella. In 1964 studied ceramics in the Massana School in Barcelona and from 1988 she has been studying drawing and painting, history of art, avant-garde and pictorial experimentation techniques. She has exhibited her works in her own personal exhibitions in Alella Townhall and in different private art galleries.